How to Select the Best Water Purifier?

When you ask to yourself which is the most important fluid your body need, what goes through your mind? Sure you said water, right? It is. Water is the essential substance of your body and drinking it gives you many benefits mainly helping your health, therefore, we must ingest it pure and free of bacteria.

Nowadays, we have a great variety of products to choose from in the market. We can help you to make up your mind for you to be clear when selecting a water filter. There is a number of factors to consider before venturing to buy a water purifier.


The following points will give you an idea when choosing a water purifier system ideal for us and our home.

What level of debugging do you want? The system based on activated carbon doesn’t offer the same level of purification such as the purifying pitcher one. The same for the reverse-based osmosis and ultraviolet systems. Another factor to consider is that the price increases when passing from activated carbon to a system of osmosis or ultraviolet.

How much water do you want? If you are thinking about a huge expense, you will need a pitcher-type water purifier. On the contrary, if you want to a limited consumption of purified water, the best option may be a tap system (over or under the sink). You also got to examine the space that you have available. Pitchers need a hole in the refrigerator, while countertop purifiers require a fixed space on your countertop and systems based on tap, depending on the exact type, requires space around the faucet or under the sink.

After thinking all the points given above, you should take into account that each type has a distinct old system operation and they have to be analyzed to know which work best for you need.

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