What is a RO water purifier and its features?

RO stands for Reverse osmosis and has been a ground breaking technological advancement in the world of water purification, this water purification comes packed with a great deal of features to guarantee a better health and cleaner, pure water for you to consume. RO makes use of a semi permeable membrane removing larger impurities from drinkable water, whereas under reverse osmosis, with the aid of a certain volume of an applied pressure osmotic pressure can be overcome and that’s exactly how RO filters purify water.
There are hundreds of Water Purifiers available in India today, which is why we will be telling you what exactly to look for in a purifier, what makes a purifier good. Hands down RO purifiers are the best but a good one should be able to give you much more than just purified water.

water_purifierFeatures of a good water purifier:

  • A good RO filter can make use of this scientific process to remove dissolved salts and various agricultural chemicals, effectively. From micro fine particles to desalinating seawater, RO is capable of a lot; however, the domestic RO filters are not capable of desalinating, it takes a commercial project to be able to accomplish this.
  • A good RO filter comes powered with an Energy efficient technology.
  • A good water purifier also has to be a compact one, where the equipment is compact yet powerful enough to provide pure water for consumption.
  • A good water purifier also needs to simple to operate and control, it needs to be lightening fast and reliable.



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