Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Review


There has been an immense increase in water purification awareness today and India has become a hotspot for water purifier manufacturers. Entering of various manufacturers in this competition of offering best water purifiers, has resulted in a downfall in prices, much to the benefit of common citizens.


Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier is one such budget model, available with huge discounts on Amazon. It is already a well-known brand that uses advanced UV technology and its world-class innovation in design and multi-stage filtration system. Let’s read more about this, most advertised and accepted water purifier.

Features of Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Review


Those who want a sleek water purifier in their compact kitchens or homes, will be very happy, since Kent Ultra UV water purifier is wall-mounted model. It doesn’t eat up counter space that you can use to keep other appliances in your kitchen. It looks quite sophisticated even with its transparent body displaying the purification components used. The body is sturdy though, made from durable ABS plastic with is totally leakage or spill proof.

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3-Stage Purification

The water gets purified through its efficient 3-stage filters

  • Sediment Filter: This is the first stage where 5micron sediment filter removes visible particles and suspended sediments from the water.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: At this stage, color and taste of water is enhanced along with the basic function of this filter, to eliminate 99% of organic chemicals and chlorine.
  • UV Filter: At this level, 11W UV lamp’s role comes into play. This lamp radiates a ultra-violet wavelength sufficient to kill invisible cysts and other viruses in the water.

Safety Alarm

When the UV lamp is used up and no longer functions properly, an alarm will remind you for the urgent replacement. Although auto-shut down of water feature is not available in this purifier, alarm is good enough to manually turn off the water until filter is replaced.

In-built Power SMPS

Un-regulated power supply is a major problem even in urban areas in India. The good news is that Kent Ultra UV water purifier has an in-built SMPS which can regulate the incoming power supply to get the needed supply between 100 and 300 Volts. This will prevent unexpected damage caused to this essential appliance due to power fluctuations.

Benefits of Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

This is a pure UV filtration based water purifier but it comes with a powerful 11 W UV Lamp, which no other brand of UV-based water purifier of this genre is providing in its models. The ultra-filtration removes micro-organisms completely.

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Another motivation to buy this purifier from Kent is that in the category of water purifiers based on UV technology, it is quite low priced. Its affordability includes installation charges. In this highly competent consumer market, along with the price, after-sales service is one of the crucial factor in deciding company’s image. Kent has been a forerunner in after service since it has one of the largest service networks in India and provides on-site service as well.

Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier filters the water at 60L/hour, which is high in its class of water purifiers. No one can doubt Kent’s purification process since the company has been conferred with many international certification like WQA and NSF due to its innovation and technology.



Kent purifiers go through stringent quality tests and won many accolades from both domestic and international agencies. Kent Ultra UV water purifier has one of the best disinfectants for drinking water due to its un-matched high-power UV lamp. It is low priced since it uses only UV filter which is good enough to remove virus and bacteria but it does not remove high levels of impurities like heavy metals or rust. If you have been drinking water coming through local pipeline, then purified water from this model, will surely save you from many common infections that threaten your health daily.


My review and recommendation
  • Feature, Price & Discount - 8.9/10
  • Advantage Benefit - 8.9/10
  • Installation, Warranty, Maintenance - 9/10


Out of total 254 Amazon buyers of Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier, more than 72% have rated it with 4-5 stars. Here is our recommendation for this stunning water purifier.


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