Eureka Forbes Aquaflow DX UV Water Purifier Review


Water pollution, caused by many factors like sewage and water waste, radioactive waste, atmospheric deposition, underground storage leakages is responsible for unsafe water we drink. It is necessary to have pure drinking water for a healthy life. The water is composed of various chemicals and there are only few water purifiers, which purify water without altering the chemical composition of water. UV based Eureka Forbes Aquaflow DX is one such water purifier, which disinfects the water by keeping its healthy chemical properties, intact.


Eureka Forbes Aquaflow DX UV Water Purifier is a cost effective kitchen appliance which uses high-tech 3 stage purification process to eliminate viruses, algae and harmful chemicals from the water. This superb water purifier is available at Amazon with 22% discounts on its MRP. Let us dive deep into its amazing features that are getting positive response from numerous satisfied customers.

Features of Eureka Forbes Aquaflow DX UV Water Purifier

Effective purification process

The purification of water is carried out with un-matched combination of dual function filter cartridge and high grade UV lamp.

  • In the 1st stage of filtration, sediment particles like rust and mud, of size up to 5 microns are eliminated
  • The purification system in its 2nd stage , absorbs the foul smell, bad taste and chemical impurities from the water
  • The 3rd stage involves effective UV rays to neutralize the viruses, cysts and other micro-organisms to give you water with natural fresh spring taste.

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Water source

Eureka Forbes Aquaflow DX UV Water Purifier is recommended for water with low TDS levels. The purifier is capable of purifying the water sourced from Municipal Corporation. The purifier is recommended for areas receiving salty water.

Swift flow rate

The Eureka Forbes Aquaflow DX UV Water Purifier delivers water smartly at a speedy flow rate of 2 liters in a minute. So no more waiting for long durations to get a glass of safe drinking water. Drink smart and work smart with this water purifier from Eureka Forbes.

Inbuilt voltage stabilizer

Regardless of what input voltage is supplied at your home, the Aquaflow purifier is capable of running without any interruption, thanks to its voltage stabilizer which is integrated with the power unit of this steady purifier.

Other Features

  • Front panel error indicator for any malfunction in purifier.
  • Can be used as table top as well as wall-mounted
  • Long life of filter with a capacity of 3300 Liters of water.
  • A body made up of food grade non-toxic plastic
  • Energy saver mode
  • 1 year warranty on all the parts of the purifier

Benefits of Eureka Forbes Aquaflow DX UV Water Purifier

Boiling the water to remove the harmful bacteria still have traces contamination and is a time consuming activity as well. Eureka Forbes Aquaflow UV water purifier is able to give purified water, free from all harmful microorganisms in no time. It is smart both look-wise as well as in functionality. It is compact in design and can fit any area of your house. The Aquaflow DX water purifier is perfect for a small family and since it is compact in size it is an ideal gift option. The water purifier is cost effective and can compete with any high priced UV purifiers as far as the quality is concerned. With low power consumption, you can save a lot on electricity bills.

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Designed for Indian homes where the electricity is not always steady, the Aquaflow DX stabilizes any spikes or fluctuations in the input supply. With more than 30 years of experience in developing healthcare products, one can easily trust the Eureka Forbes’ intention to provide safe water to the mankind at an affordable price.



With Eureka Forbes Aquaflow DX UV Water Purifier, your family can enjoy safe and tasty water, with press of a button. With a net weight of only 2.9Kg, it is one of the compact UV purifiers in its category. With great customer reviews, the only thing that can be said about Aquaflow DX purifier is that “What a great water purifier this is, the best I have ever seen. Highly recommended!!”

My review and recommendation
  • Feature, Price & Discount - 9.5/10
  • Advantage Benefit - 9/10
  • Installation, Warranty, Maintenance - 9/10


Out of total 53 Amazon buyers of Eureka Forbes Aquaflow DX UV Water Purifier; nearly 60% have rated it with 4-5 stars. Here is our recommendation for this efficient water purifier.


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