Best RO Water Purifier In India (2018 TOP 10 Reviewed)

  • Hello Amrutha , We are having borewell water supply in our home and water is really salty. We already had Aquasure Shakti in our house but water is still taste like iron. You had written AO Smith can change the taste of salty water. So does it also changes the taste of our water.

    • Thank you Vidya welcome to my blog. Yes A.O. Smith X7 48 water purifier mentioned above is one of the best in its class and will surely change the taste of iron in your water. If budget is not a issue then i will suggest you to go for A.O. Smith Z6+Hot 48-Watt RO Water Purifier the reason is price difference is very little and it will give you hot water too which is a great benefit in long run.

    • Product Price on Amazon keeps changing and it also depends on the seller who is supplying the product. My rate is referred from the original site of the water purifier

  • Hello, Amrutha
    I just purchased Aquaguard Geneus and today i have seen your blog and your opinion about Aquaguard Service. Is Aquaguard service is not good.
    In there official page company mentioned that they provide service 24/7
    I live in Jamnagar can you let me know how is the service in this area ?

  • What will the maintenance cost of A.O. Smith X7 48-Watt RO Water Purifier. And how there after sales service are?

    • It is one of the best purifier available in the market and the price is totally worth it.
      You won’t regret your decision.

      The maintenance cost is also quite low. First, the maintenance cost depends on which part is malfunctioning.

      But generally, pre-filter needs to be changed after 9-10 months. And cost of the prefilter is somewhere between ?900 – ?1300.

      Their service is good as compared with other brands

  • Hello Amrutha,

    I have a Kent Gold Optima in my house it was working fine on my low TDS Tap supplied water. But from couple of week it is not purifying water anymore, the taste and TDS of the water remain same even after puriying them. I contacted the service guy and he told me to change the filter. But i don’t trust him because every time any of these outlets person come for service their only motive is to squeeze the maximum amount possible from your pocket. So i need your opinion to whether he is telling truth or planning to con me. And what the filter costs and what its life spam ?


    • Hello Om Prakash,

      If your filter age is more than 6-7 months then i am sorry to say this time the service guy is telling the truth.
      Lifespan of a filter is not more than 4,000 litres. And Kent Gold filters are really long lasting than other.
      Cost of filter is between ₹400-₹600 and is easily available on market.

      I hope this help.

  • Why your blog only promoting RO based purifier. There is no simple water filter mentioned in this list . Do you think only RO purifiers can filters out bad water. Not others ??

  • Hi Amrutha, we want to buy best and good purifier for household purpose in 2018 .so please tell us which is best and high technology purifier. Also Healthy one without wastage of water. Thanku

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