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Protek Elite Plus 12 L Ro+ UV+ UF & TDS Technology and L.E.D Indication Water Purifier

Introduction and little something about the Pureit Marvella

You must be aware of the fact that water purifiers are a must have in today’s time. By improving the quality of water, water filters help in maintaining the digestive system and healthy gut. By installing this kitchen appliance, you can simply save yourself and your family from a long list of diseases. Drinking clean water has more benefits than you know.

As you know, the quality and purity of water is deteriorating day by day. Pollution and pesticides are the main cause behind it. Apart from this, there are lots of other factors that influence the quality of water.

The basis of our survival, water is life source of various diseases and illness. You must have observed that many common diseases we see are water-borne. Most of the mass spread diseases also originate because of dirty drinking water. Many bacteria and virus originate in dirty water and cause water-borne diseases.

That is why doctors’ advice you to take precautions with drinking water. But taking precautions are not enough always. You have to treat water properly to make it drinkable and healthy.

Investing in a right water purifier is very important for you and your family and life. So, if you are concerned about the health and wellness of your family, this water purifier review is surely going to help you.

Protek elite water purifiers are known for their excellent features, amazing functionality and impeccable service of the brand. Well-suited for the Indian circumstances, these are an ideal addition to your kitchen. It provides excellent results with municipal/tap water.

Read to know more about the features of this feature rich water purifier brand. This review will definitely help you to analyze how Protek water purifier suits your lifestyle.

Feature of Protek Water Purifier

  • Looks: The ergonomic design of the Protek water purifier compliments your kitchen perfectly. Its black color suits the modern kitchens completely and fits everywhere. The hard body of the purifier is rust proof. It can be easily cleaned with soapy water. The LED display on the body of the purifier displays its On/Off, Purifying or Tank Full status. The sturdy body of the purifier assures its long life.
  • The tap of the water purifier is made from ABS plastic that is quite durable. It is advised to handle the tap of the purifier with great care.  The attractive looks of the water purifier makes it a must have kitchen appliance.
  • Capacity: If you have a small family, the storage capacity of this water purifier is more than sufficient for you. It can store 12- liter purified water in one go. The automatic functioning of the purifier gets it filling time to time. It avails you purified water in most hassle free manner. It purifies 15 liter water per hour with automatic on/off feature.
  • Operations: You will be impressed to know the great functionality of this water purifier. It purifies water using Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultra Violet (UV) processes. Protek elite water purifier is also featured with TDS balancer. It is loaded with pre-filter and all filtering devices, stored in the water tank. The product is loaded with real reverse osmosis technology with supreme quality filters which will really amaze you.
  • It works up to 2000 TDS with a rejection rate of 90%.
  • This fact will surprise you that Protek elite water purifier removes up to 99% contaminants and makes water fit for drinking purposes. The advanced technology of the water purifier has a mineral chamber as well. It performs the function of adding minerals to the drinking water which is good for you and your family’s health.   
  • Warranty: One of the best features of Protek water purifier is that it is loaded with 1-year warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee with full technical support. You can ask for technical support at customer care number 1800-200-1577.
  • Installation: The installation of Protek water purifier is quite simple and easy. The company takes care of the installation process. You will have to pay a sum of Rs 350 extra in the name of installation.
  • As per your convenience, you can keep the water purifier on the slab or can mount it on a wall. If you have a small kitchen you can easily mount it on the wall and use it comfortably. The installation is so easy that you can install it by yourself even.
  • Power: Protek water purifier consumes an input voltage of 230 V. You do not need to worry much about its power consumption because it works on power cut mode.

Like any other product Protek water purifier has its own pros and cons. A few cons are really adjustable and one does not need to bother much about them.


  • It purifies water from any source and converts its taste into a sweeter one. The pure and sweet taste of the water assures its purity.
  • The TDS level of this water purifier is easily adjustable. You can set it according to your taste and requirement.
  • If compared on its cost perspective, this water purifier is a value for money product.


  • The storage tank of the water purifier is made up of very cheap quality plastic.
  • A few complaints of water leaking from the plastic body joints have been observed.
  • The services of the company need huge improvement. The technicians do not respond to the calls and do not take complaints seriously. So in case you are using this water purifier it is better to find a local service person. Do not depend on the company’s service team.
  • The LED panels of the water purifier are not much reliable. They stop working after a short passage of time. This can actually trouble you.

We found that the storage tank of the water purifier is made up of cheap quality plastic. (But at this price range it can be ignored)

The technicians do not respond to the calls and do not take complaints seriously. So in case you are using this water purifier it is better to find a local service person. Do not depend on the company’s service team.

  • Conclusion: I hope you will find the article informative and accurate. Protek water purifier is best in its range and worth giving a try. You are definitely going to like this product. 

Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier Review

Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier-min

Introduction and little something about the Tata Swach Non-Electric Water Purifier

Tata entered into the water purification industry with a mindset and a mission to provide clean water to everyone regardless of any income group. The commitment to provide affordable water purification solutions is fulfilled with its Tata Swach non-electric water purifier. It is smart, affordably priced, user friendly and low-maintenance water purifier. By launching this non-electric smart water purifier, Tata has followed the ongoing trend and rightly sensed the need of compact and movable devices at home. Now it is a leader in this genre of water purifier.


Tata Swach non-electric water purifier is a great appliance to be a part of your home, when it comes to smartly curing the water for drinking. Why it is called smart? The following features best describe its efficient functioning to term it as a smart purifier.

Features of Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

Attractive Body

It has an eye-catching appearance, no doubt about this. You can see as it does its task of purifying silently, through its translucent body, an upper transparent portion and the lower section semi-transparent. The body is made up of durable and dependable ABS plastic, which is also un-breakable. The Tata Swach water Purifier is available in two attractive colors, sapphire blue and sea-green, reminding you of the freshness of an ocean. The body is fully sealed, leaving no chances of leakage from any part of water container. With its vibrant looks, It will underscore your home décor effortlessly.

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Long life filter

The filter forms the heart of every water purifier. If you want to select a water purifier, its filter should be the deciding factor. The filter cartridge used in Tata Swach purifier works for minimum 3000 litres, before it needs to be replaced. Compared to other filters in this category of water purifiers, it has the longest lifespan. When you need, it is very easy to replace the cartridge by following a simple one step process.

Modular Technology

Save Electricity! Save Water! This is the motto you follow, if you care about the environment surrounding you. This water purifier is surely going to impress you with its environment friendliness just like you, since it works without electricity. It also does not need a continuous water supply. Designed for Indian homes, the benefits of safe water can be affordable whether for urban or rural families of any size.

Auto shut off technology

This feature allows you to use clean and tasteful water without any break due to auto shut off mechanism. This useful feature automatically shuts the water supply off once the cartridge filter expires.

Benefits of Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

The total capacity of Tata Swach water purifier is 15 litres, with 7.5 litres of water storage capacity. The water capacity is large enough even for bigger families. Due to its compact and handy shape, moving the Tata Swach water purifier from one place to another is very convenient. It weighs only 1.7Kg when empty.

Its purification mechanism is based on the Silver Nano technology which cleans the water from bacteria and virus water effectively. It comes in a nice from packing and is very easy to assemble by following instructions from the user-manual, you get along with the pack.

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The biggest advantage is that this water purifier does not need a power supply. So you will save electricity and you don’t have to worry about getting clean drinking water, if you live in some area where getting continuous power supply is not available.

The Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier does not use any kind of chemical treatment for purifying water. So you will always get the purest water.



Tata Swach has bagged a series of awards for its quality and innovative technologies. To name a few, Wall street Journal Asian innovation awards, Product of the year award, FICCI water awards and the latest is ET Best promising awards 2015. All these accolades are a testament to Tata’s commitment in Swach water campaign. The Brainchild of one of the largest business houses, Tata Swach meets the strict US EPA standards to serve the basic human right of “safe drinking water”. Designed specifically for Indian homes, it fits your budget as well.

HUL Pureit WPWS100 Classic 14-Litre Water Purifier Review

Introduction and little something about the HUL Pureit WPWS100 Classic Water Purifier

Her WhatsApp status reads ‘Stay Positive, Stay Grateful’, a state of mind, she aims to achieve by staying healthy. But do you know that there are more than 2000 known germs apart from a number of poisonous contaminants present in the tap water we intake daily? In order to avoid threats borne out of contaminated drinking water, a hygienic water source is, what you need.

Pureit as the name suggests, is the answer to such problems, in the form of a water purifier from Hindustan Unilever Ltd, India’s leading Consumer Goods Company. Ever since the launch of the PureIt water purifier, HUL has created a revolution in providing clean water to millions of people in 9 countries. Certification from US EPA is a testament to Purit’s outstanding quality.


Pureit WPWS100 Classic 14-Litre is one such astounding water purifier from HUL, which you can trust completely. Let’s know in more detail, why the WPWS100 Classic 14-liter model is at the top in the list of water purifiers.

Features of HUL Pureit WPWS100 Classic 14-Litre Water Purifier

Multi-stage purification
The water has to pass through four stages of purification before you can intake a clean and tasty glass of water. The 4 stages consist of:

  • Microfiber filter: It removes all the dirt which can be seen with the naked eye.
  • Activated- Carbon filter: This high quality filter eliminates any harmful pesticides and parasites present in water.
  • Germ-Kill Processor: In this stage, chlorine is released gradually to target and remove all harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Clarifier: Finally clarifier removes all chlorine and other contaminants to give you water, which is odorless, clean with pure and natural taste.

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Exquisite Design
The purifier is not only excellent in its performance, but will also win you over with its looks. This purifier in blue, is elegantly designed and easily fits in any area of house, kitchen or office. The engineering plastic used to manufacture water container is 100% food safe and non-toxic.
The plastic body is made from HIPS (High Impact Poly Styrene), which ensures the sturdiness needed for long body life.

Germi-kill filter-kit life
The filter kit works for a many years. You do not have to change the kit up to 1000 liters of water purification done in normal humidity conditions or 3 years from the date of installation, whichever is earlier.

Power saving
As compared to other purifiers in the same genre, Pureit WPWS100 Classic 14-Litre does not require any power supply or continuous supply of water. A straightforward saving, amazing isn’t it?

Modular and Compact
It is a compact and a stylish looking appliance that you can move from one place to another without any hassles. It is quite light in weight as well.

Auto Shut off
This is another unique feature of this intelligent purifier. In case, the germi-kill filter gets exhausted, the advanced technology of purifier automatically shuts off the water supply to prevent you drink non-purified water.

Benefits of Pureit WPWS100 Classic 14-Litre water purifier

Designed for Indian homes, the biggest advantage of Pureit purifier is its ability to function without electricity and water supply. There is no need to call any plumber or service technician to install purifier, even a novice can set up this purifier with ease. With a total water capacity of 14 liters and 5 liters of clean water, it will never let you feel a shortage of purified water to drink.

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4-stage filtering is the best in its class of purifiers and has the capability of killing 10 million viruses in 1 liter of water. Pureit WPWS100 Classic 14-Litre water purifier maintains the pH level of water and also removes lead from the water. Such purified water improves the immune system of children and is safe for pregnant women as well.



Today we are so focused to inhibit virus to enter in our smartphones, PC’s and IPads, but have you ever bothered to remove virus from water that you drink every day, which is our lifeline? So friends! This is the time, you must spend a little time with you and your health, rather than on these gadgets which are affecting our health and lifestyle negatively.
And if you really care for yourself and your family, get one water purifier in your home today, before it’s too late and you even don’t have time to repent. Pureit WPWS100 Classic 14-Litre is a cost-effective, compact water purifier and is a must in every home.

HUL Pureit WPWL100 Classic 23-Litre Water Purifier Review

Introduction and little something about the HUL Pureit WPWL100 Classic

How much can you trust a water purifier that promises to clean 1 crore germs present in one litre of water? To a great extent, I am sure. The HUL Pureit WPWL100 Classic water purifier is designed to keep this promise. It is made from high-quality, food grade plastic, to maintain the purity of water. This model from HUL is able to give you the safest water whenever you need it. The Pureit WPWL100 water purifier has a 23L capacity with 9L of clean water, makes sure you always have a good amount of clean water to drink.

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With an auto-shut off safety system that makes sure that you get only the purest, safest and cleanest water, this water purifier keeps you and your family safe from waterborne diseases like cholera, jaundice, etc.


Double protection

Caring for your health is the prime goal of this water purifier from HUL. So it is provided with the benefit of double protection. The presence of features like MF and RO membranes ensures that the multi-stage purification process kills all the germs and bacteria in the supply of water. The first step is the Programmed Germkill Technology, which kills almost all the germs. The second step is imported Micro-charged Membrane that removes the remaining impurities. If any impurity like pesticides or bad odor is still there in the water, the activated carbon tap, takes care of this and finally gives you the purest water. Its unconventional Germkill meter informs you about the time to replace the cartridge.

Sleek Design

This water purifier fares very well as far as looks are concerned. It is sleek and comes in a very vibrant blue color that makes it adjust to and complement your kitchen décor. It is made from good quality ABS plastic which is non-breakable and is rated as food-grade. Along with a nice appearance, it is very easy to install with its twist-fit components.

No Power or running water needed

This water purifier is the best in the category of similar appliances, requiring no power at all, to do its task of purifying water. This is a good choice for Indian homes where electricity supply may not be very regular. The other important advantage is not requiring continuous water supply to suit homes located in places where water supply is sporadic.


With HUL Pureit Advanced Water Purifier, HUL claims that this purifier clears up to 1 crore viruses in 1 litre of water with the 4-stage water purification process. It combines the best techniques of purification like MF and RO membranes that also gives a sweet and natural flavor to the water.

It satisfies the International standards as proposed by the US Environmental Protection Agency for water purification by killing the germs. It does not run on electricity, so it is a budget-friendly appliance in your home. It needs the water to be filled manually, so it will work even when you don’t have regular supply of water. It can handle any kind of impurities in water like bacteria, viruses, dirt, dissolved debris, parasites, pesticides, chlorine etc.

As far as installation is concerned, it is the ideal DIY appliance. It has all the components based on twist and fit technique, making it easy to assemble as well as keep up. You don’t have to look for a plumber, just fix the components together and start using it. And moreover the assembly steps are given in the instruction manual shipped along with. When you run out of its cartridge then it shuts off automatically to stop the water supply. Its HIPS/ABS plastic food grade body is long lasting and sturdy that it can bear any kind of rough usage.

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This electricity free HUL Pureit WPWL100 Classic 23-Litre Water Purifier (Blue) is good for anyone, whether living in an urban or a rural area. Its strength of removing about 10 million germs makes it perfect to be used for water from any source like hand pump, roof top storage, water tanks and regular taps. Its slim and attractive body looks pretty in your kitchen with limited space. Easy assembly, versatile use and purifying water to change it to cleanest natural form, defines this appliance as the best bet in your home.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier Review

Introduction and little something about the Eureka Forbes Aquasure

The water sources differ at one location from another. It is easy to choose a water purifier if you know the water source available at your place of residence.

Crafted to meet the requirements of modern day families, Eureka Forbes Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier has won many accolades for its elegant design and efficient working.

It is the “passion to deliver quality products” that drives Eureka Forbes to incorporate innovation and style in its products to meet the customer expectations of safe and healthy living. With reasonable price and astonishing appearance, Eureka Forbes Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier is highly recommended.

To have a better overview, let’s dig deep into to learn about its features.

Features of ​Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier

Regulated Power supply

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier is designed by taking into account the Indian power supply conditions.

Whether the power supply is high or low, the Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier will never fail in its efficient purification process.

It has inbuilt voltage stabilizer, which maintains the desired voltage, free from any spikes or fluctuations. Apart from this amazing inbuilt feature, it also has an energy saver mode.

By selecting this mode, you can save electricity since it will use power only when necessary.

Advanced Filtration

The water has to pass through three stages of purification before it becomes available to you.

The purifier utilizes a computerized monitoring system to test the purification and a high grade quartz column effectively disinfects the water.

The multi-stage purification ensures clean and healthy water, free from sediments, dirt, bacteria and viruses.

The water that we receive from municipal water supply is normally hard water, which is not only harmful to health but also clogs drains and taps.

To convert hard water into usable soft water, Eureka Forbes Aquasure UV purifier uses decalcifier to remove the calcium and other minerals not required in water.

Intelligent design

This UV purifier from Eureka Forbes is a wall mounting model, which complements the kitchen decor easily and saves the space on the kitchen counter as well. 

The purifier is not only attractive in looks but also smart in its functioning.

Designed for Indian homes, it does not waste water, which is scarcely available in urban homes in India.

The flow rate of 2 litres per minute is also quite impressive, saving valuable time, when you need clean drinking water urgently.

The innovative column design and anti-drip technology makes it an excellent choice among the water purifier available for homes.


​Out of total 100 Amazon buyers of Eureka Forbes Aqua sure Crystal UV Water Purifier, more than 60% of them, have rated it with 4-5 stars. Here is our recommendation for this stunning water purifier.


What we liked

  • Taking into account the drinking water conditions in India, choosing a right purifier is really a big challenge. Eureka Forbes Aquasure crystal UV water purifier stands tall among other UV-based purifiers.
  • It removes all the waterborne bacteria and viruses to provide you clean and odorless sweet tasting water.
  • The multi-stage water purification of Eureka Forbes Aqua sure Crystal UV Water Purifier is the best in its class of purifiers and the life of the filter cartridge is quite long as it runs efficiently for purifying up to 6000 litres of water.
  • Another advantage of buying Aquasure Crystal UV water purifier from Eureka Forbes (which we feel personaly) is its prompt customer service and one year warranty from the date of installation.(But few cities like Jaipur has faced some issue regarding service)
  • In our locality voltage fluctuation is a big issue thanks to the inbuilt SMPS in Aquasure Crystal we are now tension free. So if you are in same situation don't look anywhere else.
  • We are amazed by Great Water dispensing rate nearly around couple of litre in a minute.
  • Last but not least price range is also quite affordable. For some discount click here.

HUL PureitWPAD100-Advanced-23 litre water Purifier review

HUL Pureit WPAD100 Advanced 23-Litre Water Purifier

Introduction and little something about the HUL Pureit

Hindustan Unilever Limited has an ambitious vision of sustainable growth and a great sense of contributing to various social causes. With last quarters’ financial results illustrating a double figure growth in water purifier manufacturers category, it is a proof of the trust people have shown towards HUL water purifiers.

Pureit-WPAD100-Advanced-23-Litre is one such widely accepted model. The purifier has received positive feedback from its customers due to its high efficiency of purification and being ergonomically designed.


Available in sparkling blue color, Pureit-WPAD100-Advanced-23-Litre water purifier removes viruses and bacteria in water with its programmable state-of-the-art germ kill processor. Backed by a large customer support network, HUL is one brand you can trust blindly.

Read along to know more about this product.

Features of HUL PureitWPAD100-Advanced-23 litre water Purifier

Practical Design

The purifier does not need any electricity or continuous water supply. It not only supports the global cause of “Save Energy! Save Water!”, but also minimizes your monthly utility bills.

Double Purification

Pureit WPAD100 Advanced water purifier consists of 2-stage purification system. At 1st stage, water passes through the germikill processor, where all harmful viruses and bacteria are removed. The water then passes through the advanced microfiber mesh, where visible dirt and precipitated metallic impurities get eliminated. After this carbon polisher removes harmful parasites and chlorine from the water to give clear odorless water.

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In the 2nd stage of purification, water reaches micro charged membrane, where it is purified once again to give you the assurance of double protection and double safety.

GermiKill Life indicator

An indicator is provided on the front panel, which will light up in case the germikilll processor expires. It lets you know when to replace it so that you always drink fresh and clean water.

Auto Shut off

Once germikill processor expires, the advanced mechanism will prevent the water reaching germicheck filter, much to your convenience.

Sturdy body

The body is made up of ABS plastic which is known for its toughness. It is food grade quality and ensures odorless water, free from all impurities.

US certification

The PureitWPAD100 Advanced water purifier has been certified for quality by the environmental Protection Agency.

Maintenance free design

The assembly and functioning of PureitWPAD100 Advanced water purifier are very simple and there is no need to go for Annual Maintenance Contract.

Benefits of PureitWPAD100 Advanced 23-liter water purifier

The PureitWPAD100 Advanced water purifier has the capacity to kill over 100 million viruses from 1 liter of water. With 23 litres of total purifier size and storage capacity of 9 litres is large enough to let average size families enjoy un-interrupted clean water.

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The irregular electricity and water supply in India is very obvious and keeping these conditions in view, HUL has designed this modular non-electric water purifier. The component that makes its technology advanced as compared to other purifiers in its class is the presence of activated carbon filter that traps all the pesticides and foul smell and gives clean and tasty water.

The taps are the most used and sensitive components of water purifiers. HUL know this well. So it has tested the taps rigorously to ensure that the tap is break resistant and lasts long. Although the purifier does not need any installation or maintenance due to its trouble-free design, yet the company offers a 6 month warranty to ensure any kind of support, you may need in any kind of manufacturing flaws in the model.


Final Words

There are no shortcuts to stay healthy. Bearing in mind the water conditions in India, it is essential and a basic human-right to have the clean drinking water for ourselves and our loved ones. The WPAD100-Advanced-23-Litre water purifier is cost-effective and fits very nicely in every household’ needs as well as financial limitations. It is easy to handle and maintain, provides clean water better than any other purifiers with same capacity and price.

Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier Review

KENT Gold Optima 10-Litres Gravity Based Non-electric Water Purifier,Aqua Blue - White

Introduction and little something about the Kent Gold Optima

Kent started its operations in India around 15 years back and since then it has emerged as the market leader in manufacturing state-of-the-art high-tech healthcare products. Recommended and preferred by millions of satisfied customers, Kent’s Gold Optima 10-litre Gravity based water purifier has made its mark as a reliable water purifier with innovative chemical free , gravity based cleaning process.


Designed as a non-electric and economically priced, Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier is best suited to Indian households where power-saving and budget constraints guide the purchases to be done. Let’s find out more details and features of this amazing and attractive looking water purifier from Kent an ISO 9001:2008 company.

Features of Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

Design and Usage

Kent Optima is a compact appliance and is designed as a counter-top model. The purifier is easy to install and due to light-weight, it can be shifted easily. It is well compatible for Indian homes where there is always a scarcity of space. The overall storage capacity of Kent gravity based purifier is 10 litres, which is good enough for cooking and drinking water for small families. The water purification does not require the use of any chemicals like bromine or chlorine since this is a non-electric model and does not run on electricity, so this is a real value addition to your home. This purifier does not need continuous water supply. Its purified water tank with the capacity of 5 litres makes sure you are never remain short of clean water.

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Purification technology

If you are living in an area where water inlet has low TDS, then Kent Gold Optima Gravity Based Water Purifier is just the right choice for you, since this purifier is one of its kind in the UF based purifier category. The high quality ultra-filtration completely eliminates micro-organisms and cysts from water apart from removing impurities like sand and dissolved dirt. The filters used to produce clean and healthy water are:

  • Sediment filter removes impurities like sand and dirt.
  • Nano Silver Carbon activated filter responsible for eliminating bad odor and organic chemicals.
  • UF hydrophilic Membrane which is just 0.1 microns blocks bacteria and cyst from water.

High Quality Certifications     

The global health and safety organization (NSF) has tested and certified the Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier. The purifier has also been awarded WQA gold seal for the efficiency of its purification process.

Benefits of Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

Although Kent Gold Optima Gravity Based Water purifier is an entry level purifier, but the benefits it offers are immense in comparison to similar purifiers available in market. The purified water you get, is healthier and tastier. It is very easy to clean and maintain the water purifier and is un-breakable since it is made from high strength ABS plastic. You don’t have to worry since the plastic used is of food-grade quality, ensuring you the healthy water.

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The lifespan of filter of Kent Gold Optima 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier is quite better than the expected, you have to change UF membrane after every 4000 Litres of purified water. Any service related issues are promptly handled by the nationwide network of around 600 service centers. With continued and trouble-free after-sales support, you are assured to get clean water without interruption.



Kent Gold 10-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier is economical and with a purification capacity that is suitable for small families, students and all those people who live independently. It uses gravity based purification that is fully chemical free process, so no side effects to worry about. This table top, light weight model comes with a 1 year warranty and is a highly recommended water purifier model from Kent.

HUL Pureit WPUV100 Marvella UV 4-Litre Water Purifier Review

Introduction and little something about the​
HUL Pureit WPUV100 Marvella

Over 2.2 million people lose their life due to water borne diseases, as reported by World Health Organization. The situation is more grim in developing countries like India, where children are worst affected. The water available must be cleaned and purified before being used for drinking or cooking. Hindustan Lever Limited has been working on developing effective and eco-friendly water purifiers since long time. Pureit Marvella UV water purifier is one such well-designed and rightly-priced purifier for budget households in India.

The quality of water purified by HUL WPUV100 water purifier meets international quality standards for drinking water and the certifications bestowed on this model, from following premium institutes are testament to its quality. Few of them are-

  • London School Of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Institution of Public Health Engineers, India
  • Central Food Technological Research Institute


“ Children are happy and so are we since we are getting pure water ” is a comment from one of the satisfied user of the Pureit UV water purifier. Let us find out its features below.

Features of HUL Pureit WPUV100 Marvella

4-stage Purification System

The Pureit Marvella is the most advanced UV water purifier, which utilizes stringent 4 levels of purification.

  • Stage1: Sediment Filter removes fine and coarse particulate impurities.
  • Stage2: Activated Carbon Filter eliminates chlorine and harmful pesticides and absorbs other odor causing compounds.
  • Stage3: Sediment Plus Filter ensures that no carbon particles and other impurities enter the UV chamber.
  • Stage4: UV Lamp emits high intensity UV rays to deactivate viruses, parasites and bacteria present in the water ensuring that clean water passes to purified water tank.

Intelligent Alert system

The germikill processor system is pre-programmed to warn you 15 days in advance about its expiry. The intelligent way to alert you in advance allows you to take necessary action of changing the filter saving your precious time and effort. The filter kit runs for purifying 3000 liters of water. The advanced alert system also shuts off the water supply, in case it senses the expiry of the filter. The cutoff is released once the kit is replaced.

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Design and Capacity

The impeccable sleek design will impress you and various LED indicators like tank full, purification on/off, change CSF are provided for the comfort of users. It has a net weight of 4Kg and dual option of using it as wall mounted or counter top. The storage capacity of the purified water tank is 4 liters and water flows at the rate of 650ml per minute.

Other Features

  • The body is made up of ABS food grade material
  • Inbuilt voltage stabilizer to control fluctuations and spikes.
  • The UV lamp has long life of 11000 hours
  • Spill proof design prevents water wastage.
  • Tap is break resistant, tested 50,000 times to ensure its durability

Benefits of HUL Pureit WPUV100 Marvella UV 4-Litre Water Purifier

This purifier removes almost 1 crore viruses from 1 liter of water, allowing you to drink safe and healthy water. The lightweight WPUV100 Marvella is a compact purifier and can be mounted on wall as well as kept on kitchen counter depending upon the space, you have.

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One of the major advantages of Pureit WPUV100 water purifier is that it is fully automatic and is equipped with LED displays for vital warnings like tank full or the expiry of kit. The indicators on the front are clear, missing in the competitor models. There is also no need to purchase any extra voltage regulator since it has an inbuilt voltage stabilizer.

There is no need to pay for service charges while getting any part replaced from company. You have to pay only for parts. The purifier comes with detailed instruction manual and carries 1 year warranty.



With long life of UV lamp, advanced 4 stage purification and dual installation option, the Pureit WPUV100 Marvella UV 4-Litre Water Purifier is an outstanding model in the market of UV based purifiers. It is highly recommended for purifying water from municipal as well as bore well water sources.


Out of total 198 Amazon buyers of HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier, more than 85 % have rated it with 4-5 stars. Here is our recommendation for this efficient water purifier.

HUL Pureit Marvella RO 10-Litre Water Purifier (Silver with Chrome Finish) Review

HUL Pureit Marvella RO 10-Litre Water Purifier

Introduction and little something about the HUL Pureit Marvella RO 10-Litre Water Purifier

If you are tired of the failed promises made by some of the well-known brands of water purifiers then switch to HUL Pureit Marvella RO 10-Litre Water Purifier (Silver with Chrome Finish) because it is a great product paying you the best for every penny you spend of your hard earned money. Its innovative Triple safety combination of RO + MF + ROPL supported by the 6 stage water purification in your home takes on the problem of unhygienic water.


This one appliance is equipped with an advanced alarm to alert you about filter running out of work and taste enhancers to make the water tastier than ever. This is a good looking water purifier in silver color with chrome finish looks quite sophisticated as well.

Features of HUL Pureit Marvella RO 10-Litre Water Purifier

Quick filtering operation

The most important and distinct feature of this 6 stage water purifier is that in spite of the long sequence of 6 stages of water purification, this model is one of the quickest water purifiers. If you are expecting a whole bunch of relatives this summer, then you can rely upon this kitchen appliance for fast filling of its 10 Litre large storage tank.

RO + MF + ROPL technology

Unlike other water purifiers available in the market, which have either RO, MF or ROPL technologies, the HUL Pureit Marvella RO 10-Litre Water Purifier is fitted an efficient combination of all these three outstanding technologies to provide the best filtration process possible. It purifies the impure water to successfully remove the suspended and invisible to eye impurities along with colloidal materials like harmful bacteria and cysts, making the drinking water purest for your kids. It is an efficient product that is also very good to treat the saline water and regular corporation water. You will find the water taste like bottled mineral water.

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Other Characteristics

The water filtration process is incomplete or ineffective if you don’t come to know when to replace the filter and other replaceable components of a water purifier. HUL has taken care of this issue by providing an advanced alert system. It has an inbuilt TDS monitor, a very good feature if your area of residence is having high TDS. You will observe a sharp decrease in TDS in water shortly after installation and it will be maintained for many months to come.

Benefits of HUL Pureit Marvella RO 10-Litre Water Purifier

The foremost benefit reported by millions of Indian users of this purifier is that the water becomes tasty, much better than the mineral water your often have to purchase in bottled packages. Next benefit that attracts the users is its 40 minutes refill time to ready the storage of 10 litres. You will never run out of safe drinking water if you are hosting a dinner for close friends at your home. With this water purifier to fulfill your drinking water needs, your guests will always be welcome in your home.

> Read about top 5 RO Water Purifiers for home use

A bit pricy though, this appliance will satisfy you with the quality of purified water. The only thing that you have to make sure is that you should hire the professionals to perform the installation of the HUL Pureit Marvella RO 10-Litre Water Purifier.

To support the customers through any problems they face, HUL promises 1 year of warranty against any manufacturing defects. The widespread network of service centers across the country ensures quality after sales services.



An exceptional kitchen appliance from HUL, the Pureit Marvella RO 10-Litre Water Purifier fits your kitchen needs, but is slightly heavy on your budget. The cost constraint vanishes easily in front of the tasty water you get with minimum TDS and other impurities of saline or municipal supplied water. It is sleek looking and well-designed with efficient RO + MF + ROPL filter that fills quickly with hygienic drinking water in its 10 liter storage tank. Its Advance 6-stage purification technology will make you recommend this water purifier to your friends and relatives. Your kids will simply refuse to have water from any other source, just because of the taste enhancer feature of this water purifier.

K​ent Supreme RO+UV Water Purifier Review

KENT Supreme RO + UV+UF + TDS Water Purifier , White

Introduction and little something about the Kent Supreme

If you have been dependent on the packaged mineral water till now, all this money being spent on getting mineral water every day can be saved by bringing home the Kent Supreme RO+UV Water Purifier. Kent is well-accepted and renowned brand in Purifiers in India.

This model by Kent removes the dissolved impurities as well as other harmful germs to make the water healthy enough to drink while at home.

It is a well-designed product with a waste water storage of 9 liters capacity.

You will be helping to preserve water by using this waste water for watering your plants or other chores like mopping or washing.

Features of Kent Supreme RO+UV Water Purifier

Zero water Wastage Technology

Conventional RO purifiers, in order to remove dissolved impurities like arsenic or heavy metals, waste lots of water and are able to recover only little amounts of purified water.

Kent Supreme has broken the shackles with its innovative no-water-wastage technology wherein it has designed a waste water tank, wherein the waste water is collected and can be utilized for household cleaning instead of the water going to drain unlike in other purifiers.

3-stage purification

The multi-stage purification ensures that the water is free from all the contaminants and viruses, rendering the water healthier and tastier. The water has to pass through following 3 stages:

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) process reduces the dissolved impurities like salts, pesticides and chemicals.
  • Ultra filtration (UF) eliminates any bacteria and cysts present in water.
  • Ultra Violet (UV) rays destroy bacteria and various types of viruses.

In addition to these three purification processes, Kent’s unique TDS controller preserves the essential minerals in the water.

Design and construction

Kent supreme is designed for wall mounting with eye-catching transparent body cover.

The wall-mounting design let you save a space on the counter and also gives you ample space under the tap.

The plastic used in the construction of Kent Supreme purifier is ABS plastic which is sturdy as well as food grade in nature.

Computerized auto flushing

The flushing system to clean RO membrane is programmed to clean the membrane at regular intervals.

This auto flushing not only improves the membrane’s life, but also prevents wastage of water.

Built in Voltage Stabilizer

With Kent Supreme, there is no need to buy any extra voltage stabilizer to withstand Indian voltage fluctuations since this model from Kent has inbuilt SMPS, capable of providing constant voltage to appliance in spite of voltage falling between range of 100V to 300V.

Quality Certifications

Kent Supreme water purifier has passed through many stringent water quality tests and has been certified by many international and national agencies and laboratories. Few of them are:

  • ISI: Bureau of Indian Standards
  • NSF, USA
  • ROHS Compliant
  • WQA Gold, USA

All the certifications are testimony of the quality of this product.


Out of total 183 Amazon buyers of Kent Supreme RO+UV Water Purifier, nearly 60% have rated it with 4-5 stars. Here is our recommendation for this efficient water purifier.

Some of the features

    • ters of purified water tank sufficient to last long.  

      • Free installation at user’s place.
      • Automatic alert system.
      • Strong ABS food grade plastic is used.          
      • 1 Year warranty on all electrical and mechanical components.
      • Claimed by company that this purifier waste 0% of water.
      • High intensity UV Lamp is used which is more effective and long lasting.
      • Certified for efficiency and quality from the USA based WQA laboratory.


    What we liked

    • The importance of clean water is known to everyone and Kent delivers Kent Supreme RO+UV Water Purifier which ensures fresh, tasty and free from millions of bacteria and cysts. Kent Supreme with its no water wastage technology helps you in saving water.
    • The rejected water is collected in separate tank which can be used for other household cleaning work.
    • Kent has been well acquainted with Indian power conditions so they kept this issue in consideration while designing power supply of the purifier.
    • It smoothly handles the voltage fluctuations, giving purified water day and night for keeping you healthy and fit always.


    This water purifier, is an awesome product from Kent, offering the best features at a great price. 

    So many users validating this astonishing water purifier and with all the features like compact, no-water wastage, ease of handling and cleaning, makes it a must-have in your kitchen. 

    So If you still have left a blank space in your life for a perfect water purifier, fill in it with the name of Kent Supreme RO+UV Water Purifier, and lead a germfree life. 

    We highly recommend this purifier to make sure you and your family get the best quality water in the best possible cost. (Check out here for discounted price of this product in Amazon. Click Here)